Top 10 Best Recliners in India From Couch Cell, Nilkamal, Solimo

Best Recliners in India

Are you tired of the chairs in your living hall?  Why don’t you switch to something elegant yet comfy?  We will update you about the Best Recliners in India.

Are you bored of using that old furniture at your place?

Yes, your tiring day can get easier with just a mere change in your room. A recliner sofa/ chair, call it whatever, it won’t disappoint you.

These are the Best Recliners in India and promise great comfort and elegance to the room. These are the parts of furniture that make you relieved and feel good after having a tiring day out.

The best thing about a recliner is that it lets the person sitting above put his/ her legs up while enjoying a nap or watching favorite shows, and/or just relaxing.

Having a recliner at your home makes n number of tasks easier, few of them are:-

  • Relaxation
  • Massage
  • Comfort
  • Stress release and relief
  • Prevents back pain
  • Eases breastfeeding
  • Enhanced blood circulation

Some factors which you should always consider while looking for best recliners in India:

  • NUMBER OF SEATS- The recliners are available in single as well as multiple seaters. Choose the one as per your requirements
  • ROOM SIZE- Do consider the size of the room where you wish to keep the recliner. Every recliner, often, needs 1 to 3ft space, at least, so that you can have full advantage of having the recliner.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY- You need to ensure that the recliner you are choosing can bear your weight. If you are quite healthy and heavy weighed, make sure the furniture is strong enough to carry it
  • WEIGHT-ensuring the portability of your comfy chair, you need to keep a check on its weight. Lighter the weight, the easier to port the recliner.
  • MATERIAL USED- To manufacture a single recliner, it needs various materials including leather, microfiber, polyurethane leather, etc. each one has its specific features and is responsible for its kind of durability and comfort.

Here are the Top 10 Best Recliners in India that you can choose from:

1. FURNY Elisse 1-Seater Recliner:

SEATER- Single seater

DIMENSION- 91.4D x 91.4W x 108H Cm

WEIGHT- 30kg

MATERIAL USED- wood, ‎Fabric

Color: Blue

The smooth manual fabric recliner gives you optimal support and comfort for sleeping, reading, eating, napping, etc. it has a stable wooden frame which makes the design suitable for intensive use.

It has high-quality fabric material so that the user does not feel sweaty or congested while being there for long hours. It has a solid wood frame. This wood frame provides durability to the product, even if it is been used for regular long hours.

The high-quality foam present supports your back and curves with utmost perfection, and the foldable leg rest and arm rest makes it easier to relax your legs and arms respectively.

FURNY_Elisse_1_Seater_                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • Quick and easy to assemble and clean
  • Sturdy and comfortable quality
  • Comes with two different color options
  • No auto close, once the recliner is opened
  • Hand height adjustments not available

2. Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner:

SEATER- Single

DIMENSIONS- 73.7D x 88.9W x 96.5H

WEIGHT- 35kg


Color: Brown

This single-seater recliner from Royal Oak promises you comfort and relief from your tiring day.

The product has several angles where you can adjust it as per your requirement. It is thickly padded with high-density foam and fiber fill, which makes you feel better as soon as you touch or sit on it. The extremely relaxing make your quality time with the family comfortable and a blessing altogether.

The leg rest can be adjusted like a normal sitting chair and can be tilted back. The Rocking mechanism, that it comes with, is the additional benefit a recliner in this price range offers.

Royaloak_Divine_Single_Seater_Rocking_Recliner                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • The backrest reclines at different angles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Gets difficult for oldies to get up

3. AE Designs Fabric Recliner:

SEATER- Single seater

DIMENSION- ‎91.4D x 88.9W x 96.5H CM

WEIGHT- 40kg

MATERIAL USED- engineered wood

Color: Blue

The recliner, for your comfort, amusement, and relaxation, comes with To & Fro and a swivel chair mechanism. Its mechanisms are there to fill your senses with tranquility and contentment while you are in the process of relaxing.

The recliner is economical and has a stunning design for your room. It undergoes easy installation and ensures that you need not rely on a technician or installer to get your comfort seat instilled.

AE_Designs_Fabric_Recliner Best Recliners in India                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • To & Fro Rocking chair mechanism
  • Swivel revolving mechanism
  • Sturdy seat with durable fabric and a firm cushion
  • Short seating depth
  • Low backrest height
  • Reclining feature is not suitable for weak or oldies
  • Neck support could be improved
  • No warranty

4. Home Centre 1-Seater Revolving Recliner with Footstool:

SEATER- Single seater

DIMENSIONS- 83 X 82 X 108 cm

WEIGHT- 29kg

MATERIAL USED- faux leather, leatherette fabric

Color: Black

The recliner is made of primary material- faux leather and the upholstery made of leatherette requires carpenter assembly. The product is of contemporary design and has seat fillings of foam and fiber.

The recliner comes with a footrest to provide you with extra comfort while you rest there after having a tough day or while doing any regular/nonregular household chores. The backrest has high elastic nylon webbing for greater support. Also, it offers optimum lumbar support by the virtue of flat seat offered by the lounge chair.

Its rubberwood is even simpler to look after as it is stain and burn-resistant, does not release toxic fumes, and is a fine shock absorber. It gets easier to sit and swivel because of its 360o rotation feature.

Home_Centre_1-Seater_Revolving_Recliner_with_Footstool                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • Comes with a footrest for better comfort
  • High tensile strength, easy to clean, and afford
  • Polyester is used in Upholstery.
  • Optimum lumbar support
  • Requires carpenter assembly

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5. The Couch Cell Recliner:

SEATER- Single

DIMENSION- 96.5 X 86.4 X 70cm

WEIGHT- 40kg


Color: Brown

This couch cell recliner comes with comfortable seating and makes it your own relaxation zone. It has a stunning design which along with the enhancement to the room where it is placed, it gives warmth and comforting support as well.

Its wooden frame with dark brown leatherette upholstery in a contemporary style adds an extra charm to your room and makes your tiredness go vanish with its comfortable seating.

The seaters 176- degree reclining position lets you relax in various positions and the manual mechanism locking makes it solid, sturdy, and long-lasting for regular use.

The_Couch_Cell_Recliner                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • 6 months warranty
  • 176o reclining position
  • Easy to install
  • Difficult to use foot lever
  • Some complaints of compromised product quality

6. Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner:

SEATER- One seater

DIMENSIONS- ‎106.7D x 94W x 104.1H Cm

WEIGHT- 40kg


Color: Chocolate

Warranty- 3 years

Want to relax in style? Amazon brand Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner is the perfect choice for you. With its high-quality fabric and attractive design, this recliner will make your home look stylish and elegant. The reclining seat provides maximum comfort, so you can rest easy as you watch your favorite show or movie. And the arms are designed with stability in mind, so they won’t collapse as you sit down or stand up or by rubbing. It is the Best Recliners in India.

Plus, it meets European safety standards and has a 3-year warranty to ensure that it lasts for years of reliable use. Don’t miss out on this great piece of furniture!

Solimo_Musca_Fabric_Single_Seater_Recliner Best Recliners in India                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • Armrest stability test passed
  • Tested with Dynamic loading
  • Contemporary style design
  • No wheels
  • Heavy and hard to move

7. Innovate Recliner & Sofa Manual Recliner Chair:

SEATER- Single seater

DIMENSIONS- 39 X 37 X 39 inches

WEIGHT- 40kg


Color: Brown

The classy and comfortable recliners are best known for their simplicity, sturdiness, comfort, and affordability.

This is a solid wood and iron framework covered by foam and fabric and comes with three color options- brown, burgundy, and cream.

The user need not worry about its installation and assembling, as it already comes pre-installed, so you need to be carefree because you won’t have to deal with an installer or a person who already stays annoyed with his job.

It does not have a rocking mechanism which makes it seem, kind, and incomplete, but it is a comfortable recliner that provides good support to your back, neck, shoulder, arms, and muscles.

Innovate_Recliner___Sofa_Manual_Recliner_Chair                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • Already assembled
  • Color options available
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • No rocking mechanism
  • Quite expensive

8. Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home Relax:

SEATER- single seater

DIMENSIONS- ‎61D x 96W x 114H Cm


MATERIAL USED- Alloy steel

Color: Black, Grey

The recliner with 5-stage reclining positions gets you cushion-supported metal armrests. The recliner is complemented by back and seat pad recon cushions.

The chair weighs only 11 kg and is strong enough to hold up a weight of around 110 kg. It comes with 5 adjustable reclining postures with a steel frame and cushioned armrests with something that makes it outstand the crowd.

Spacecrafts_Best Recliners in India Easy_Chair_for_Home_Relax

No products found.

  • Foldable
  • Strong and weatherproof
  • Easy to carry
  • No warranty
  • Thin and less comfortable cushions

Just two left, Keep scrolling for the Best Recliners in India.

9. Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Fabric Manual Recliner:

SEATER- Single

DIMENSIONS- 90D x 83W x 100H cm

WEIGHT- 36 kg weight


Colour: Coca Brown, Blue

The elegance and sophistication of a high-end recliner are yours with this Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Fabric Manual Recliner. Made from the finest materials, this recliner boasts extremely soft cushions that give you maximum comfort as you sit back and enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show. It is one of the best recliner sofa in India.

The rich fabric also ensures that it will last for years to come. With its compact design and manual reclining feature, this is definitely one piece of furniture that every home should have!

Nilkamal_Matt_1_Seater_Fabric_Manual_Recliner                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • 1-year warranty on foam
  • Budget-friendly
  • The sleek design saves much space
  • Non-rotatable

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10. Royaloak Divine Three seater Recliner:

SEATER- Three-seater

DIMENSION- 73.7D x 198.1W x 96.5H Cm

WEIGHT- 53 kg


Color: Brown

This recliner comes with pocket springs to give extra comfort. It is made of rich fabric to give you immense comfort while you get seated after having a tough day.

This comfortable and affordable recliner from Royal oak gives you long hours of relaxation, peace, and comfort. It has several reclining positions that can be adjusted to whatever angle seems comfortable. The recliner has soft suede fabric that is plush and soft to the touch.

Because of such soft fabrics, the product is quite prone to easier damage by sharp-edged tools, jewelry, buckle, and pets. In case there happens some snag or something, just cut it out using a pair of scissors, instead of pulling it out. This may lead up to a greater loss of fabric.

Moreover, it should be protected from sunlight, because prolonged exposure to the same may lead to fading of the color and fabric deterioration.

Royaloak_Divine_Three_seater_Recliner                                                                    No products found.

No products found.

  • Got several reclining positions
  • Soft suede fabric
  • Pocket spring for extra comfort
  • Durable
  • Unsatisfactory leg rest
  • Quite professional maintenance required

Conclusion; Best Recliners in India

So, the decision is finally yours! You can now sit back and enjoy your favorite shows without worrying about getting neck or back pain. Along with the latest technology, these recliners also feature contemporary designs that just make you want to get on it right away. Another great thing about them is how affordable they are compared to other models on this list! Don’t forget to give them a try if you haven’t yet.

From ergonomic designs to trendy patterns, there’s something for everyone here. What are you waiting for?

FAQ; Best Recliners in India

1. Which is India’s best recliners?

It is hard to say unequivocally which one of India’s recliners is the best, as there are so many popular choices. However, if we were to narrow it down, then the Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Fabric Manual Recliner with Cup Holder would be our top pick. This chair features a unique design that allows you to adjust its angle in order to optimize your comfort level. Additionally, it comes with a cushioning system that ensures maximum support for your body posture.

Other popular choices include the Cloud Cushion Sofa from FURNY Elisse 1 Seater Recliner and the Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner. Finally, please note that these are just two of many great recliners on offer in India; each has its own unique set of features that could make it a perfect fit for you!

2. Which brand is best in recliners?

Recliners are a popular purchase for many people these days, and it can be hard to decide which brand is the best. So, in order to help you make the best decision possible, we’ve put together a list of the top five recliner brands in the market today:

1. Amazon Brand; Solimo Fabric Single Seater Recliner – If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish way to relax and unwind at home, then you should definitely check out Solimo Recliners. These recliners come in a variety of styles and colors, and they make for the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. Plus, their soft cushions are sure to soothe your neck and back after a long day spent working on your laptop or tablet.

2. Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Fabric Manual Recliner – Nilkamal Matt recliner is a brand that produces high-quality, affordable furniture. They focus on making pieces that are both stylish and comfortable, and their products are available in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for a new chair to relax in or something to set the mood for an event, the Nilkamal recliner chair Matt has the perfect option for you!

3. FURNY Elisse 1 Seater Fabric Recliner – If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish recliner that’ll make your home feel like a more inviting place to be, then FURNY Elisse is a perfect choice. This brand has an extensive range of furniture that includes couches, chairs, and recliners – all of which are made from high-quality materials and designed with comfort and style in mind.

Hopefully, this list will help you make a decision on which brand is best for you!

3. Which recliners are best in India?

Recliners are one of the most popular furniture items in India and for good reason. They provide great comfort and can be used in a variety of settings – at home, at the office, or even while traveling. Here are my top picks for the best recliner chair in India:

1. Amazon brand; Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner.

2. Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Fabric Manual Recliner with Cup Holder

3. Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner

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