TOP 10 Best Mattress in India With Buying Guide

Best Mattress in India

Are you looking for the best mattress in India? If so, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best mattress brands available in India, as well as giving you a buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect mattress for your needs. We will also provide you with some tips on how to choose a mattress that is right for your body type, as well as some advice on how to get a good night’s sleep. So read on to learn everything you need to know about the best mattress in India!

Good sleep means a good and healthy you and your mind, no matter your sleep at what time.

In order to maintain a happy and healthy mind and body, you need to maintain that comfortable and balanced sleep cycle of yours for yourself.

The kind of mattress you choose for yourself, as per your comfort and requirement, will eventually determine the peace levels of that sleep. There are various kinds of mattresses available in the market, as mentioned below:-

  1. Memory foam mattress
  2. Hybrid mattress
  3. Spring mattress
  4. Natural Latex mattress
  5. Organic mattress
  6. Smart mattress
  7. Futon mattress
  8. RV mattress
  9. Water beds
  10. Air beds

But, like every other thing, there are some popular mattresses, namely memory foam, spring, latex, and organic mattress, which we have discussed below.

In order to get yourself a sound sleep, make sure you choose the mattress wisely considering the following factors:-

  • Durability- Durable means the life of your mattress. The average life of a good mattress is 7 to 10 years, kindly ensure the resilience of your mattress, before you finalize one.
  • Motion isolation- it stands for the disturbance that usually one faces because of his/ her partner’s movement. For the mattress best for you, do check for isolation, if you want to sleep with no disturbance and/ or if you are fed up with your sleep disturbance that is usually caused because of the movements of your partner.
  • Temperature neutrality- there are mattresses that absorb and trap heat released by your body and/ or in the nature around you. In order to sleep well and get up sweat-free, make sure your mattress has enough breathability so that you sleep peacefully.
  • Off-gassing- usually, the mattresses release chemicals, strong chemicals which create fuss and annoying smell, that is adamant about ruining your sleep. Do ensure your room is well ventilated or the mattress you choose has foam or less extent latex so that the odor released is not in great amounts.
  • Edge support- the mattress is prone to get down from the edges. The ones with good edge support tend to live more and show lesser damage.
  • Noise- sometimes, some mattress cause noises in the movement of individuals on the bed. Try to avoid such a noisy mattress if you don’t want to get disturbed the whole night.
  • Support- support means the ability of the bed to offer and retain a flat and even surface so that the entire body shape of the person laying stays aligned and the person wakes up pain-free.
  • Size- do consider what size mattress you need as per your bed and requirement. King, queen, single, double, deewan are some very common mattress sizes available in the market.

Top 10 best mattresses that you can look at:-

1. The sleep company smart-grid Luxe 8” mattress king-size bed:


SIZE- 78 X 72 X 8 inches- king size

TEMPERATURE NEUTRALITY- maintains normal temperature

CONSTRUCTION- Foam construction


The plush luxury soft mattress provides 2X more comfort and support than an orthopedic mattress. It has smart grid technology for support and ultimate cushioning.

To make you feel cool and comfortable, the mattress comes with free air flow technology. This technology comes with a smart grid that has more than 2500 air channels for your comfort.

This is composed of organic viscose quilted cotton cover to ensure easy breathing and superior comfort.

No products found.

The smart grid of mattresses has a smart grid that is made from food-grade material, and that’s why it comes out to be the best choice for you and/ or your family.

It comes in two variants of sizes 8” and 10” for your comfortable and peaceful sleep. It has got an innovative hyperelastic polymer that adapts according to your body by retaining its own shape without sinking for 10 years and more.

  • Cool airflow because of the grid system
  • Super elastic
  • Made with SmartGrid Technology
  • Comes with a bamboo protector for making it spill and dust proof
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Not for cervical patients
  • Only 1 side is usable

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:


SIZE- 78 x 72 x 8 inches- king sized


CONSTRUCTION- Foam Construction


The mattress which comes with 10 years manufacturing warranty is made from high-quality memory foam with the latest technological innovations. Such technological innovations provide amazing back support while you sit or sleep and enjoy the nap or sleep time.

While you lay down at your bed, this mattress adapts your body and thus providing uniform support throughout. It ensures that no blood gets clotted anywhere in your body which would eventually end up hurting you and thus restlessness while sleeping.

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The mattress has exactly what you were looking for, i.e., the breathable fabric followed by the next-generation memory foam which will take your body form when you lay down.

It has a differential pressure zone layer which helps align your spinal alignment as a straight line and has got smart spaces to allow air circulation so that you get enough calm and cool sleep.

  • Easy to clean- has got a removable zippered external cover
  • Both side usable
  • Got smart grid technology and air spaces
  • Can be easily rolled and packed off
  • Soft, in a way that it might get difficult to work while resting on the mattress

3. Emma Original Mattress:

MATTRESS TYPE- German engineered

SIZE- 78 X 72 X 8 inches- king size

TEMPERATURE NEUTRALITY- maintains a cooler temperature

CONSTRUCTION- 3-layered memory foam


The mattress was designed and engineered for Indians in Germany. It has got enough density of layers that fits every sleep pattern and style, thus ensuring you pain relief and comfortable sleep. One of the best mattress for back pain in India

It has got decompressing breathable Airgocell- layer and the Visco elastic memory foam, the combination of which ensures that you get enough peaceful sleep. Besides this, it has got a supportive layer of Polyurethane foam. Thus, by virtue of these, it adapts maximum to your body.

No products found.

The mattress is ideal for all bodies with all kinds of sleeping positions, because of its ergonomic design. If your partner moves, even a slighter while sleeping, your sleep won’t be disturbed by his/her motion.

  • India’s most recommended
  • Maximum body adaptation
  • Different sizes available
  • The extreme softnes may be dangerous for some

Continue reading Best mattress in India to know about more mattresses.

4. Sleepycat Premium 8-inch plus mattress:

MATTRESS TYPE- orthopedic gel memory foam

SIZE- 78 X 72 X 8 inch

TEMPERATURE NEUTRALITY- retains temperature

CONSTRUCTION- foam construction


The budget-friendly mattress with a gel memory foam top and high-density foam support foam takes care of your crucial sleep when you come home after that long tiring day.

It comes with a zipped outer cover that is breezy and washable as well.

The mattress won’t let you get disturbed because of, even, the slightest movements and thus does its job to provide you with undisturbed quality sleep.

No products found.

The mattress’ orthopedic nature helps maintain natural ailments and thus makes you feel relaxed by relieving you of pressure points that cause pain. The best mattress helps regulate your body weight and keep your body temperature cool.

  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Motion isolation
  • Breezy inner cover
  • Anti-skid base
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • The memory foam layer thickness could be thicker
  • No color options for the cover
  • Not good for long hours sitting and working
  • Too much heat

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5. Wakefit dual comfort mattress- hard & soft:

MATTRESS TYPE- dual comfort

SIZE- 78 X 60 X 5 inches- queen-sized


CONSTRUCTION- foam construction

SOFTNESS ON FIRMNESS SCALE- medium firm and medium soft on both sides

The queen-size bed mattress that comes with the 7 years warranty gives the ultimate support and offers comfortable sleep while you choose it. The mattress is medium firm and medium soft on different sides so that the user can choose whatever side he/ she wants and finds him/ herself comfortable sleeping in.

For people who prefer firm support while sleeping, medium firm on the grey side is the best fit for them. And for the people who get pretty sleep and dreams on a softer mattress, can go for the medium soft available there on the white side.

No products found.

The mattress has got a breathable fabric so that you get a comfortable sleep without any sort of disturbances. It, also, has a removable outer cover which is made up of premium quality high GSM spun polyester fabric.

  • soft side too soft
  • compassionate staff
  • Firm side medium soft
  • Only 7 years of warranty

6. Springtek Ortho Pocket:

MATTRESS TYPE- orthopedic mattress

SIZE- 78 X 72 X 10 inches- king size

TEMPERATURE NEUTRALITY- multi-layered to regulate

CONSTRUCTION- foam construction

SOFTNESS ON FIRMNESS SCALE- medium firm comfort

Springtek Ortho mattress is made of Heavy gauge tempered steel pocket coils providing the mattress the exceptional support and durability. This feature of the product makes it the perfect choice for kids’ rooms. It has a Foam encasement that provides even support on the edges.

The mattress is the perfect call for the ones who want medium firm comfort with individual pocket springs for zero disturbance.

No products found.

For the user’s comfort, it has got anti-microbial quilted fabric cover and a foam layer that gives a cushioning experience and feeling to the user.

Moreover, the mattress has got high-density transition foam which promotes daily freshness by creating a calming and relaxing sleep environment.

  • Passed 50+tests including 6k cycles of durability tests
  • Has high-density transition foam
  • Indefinite spinal alignment support
  • Ultra quiet and anti-interference
  • Not bouncy at all
  • Unsupportive borders
  • Non-waterproof cover
  • Sometimes, the springs make noise

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7. Peps Spring Koil Bonnell:

MATTRESS TYPE- spring mattress

SIZE- 72 X 48 X 6 inches- single sized


CONSTRUCTION- innerspring


In the world of comfort and comfort segment, Bonnell springs are the most advanced product used in the core construction of mattresses. In the construction of this mattress, border wires are used to hold spring alignments and protect it from de-shaping the mattress along the length or the width.

No products found.

Bonnell spring has Polyurethane foam which provides enough comfort to the body while you lay down to rest. And the rigid woven fabric helps retain the fabric and mattress its longevity.

  • Reusable on both sides
  • Got PU foam and woven fabric
  • Bonnell spring technology
  • Different sizes
  • Only 5 years warranty
  • Not suitable for people with backpain
  • No motion isolation
  • Weaker mid support

Just two left, Keep scrolling for the best mattress in India.

8. SleepX Ortho 8-inch Firm King-Size Memory Foam Mattress:

MATTRESS TYPE- Orthopedic mattress

SIZE- 78x72x8 inch

CONSTRUCTION- foam construction


The mattress is durable as it has good material. The high quality of the material makes the product durable and long-lasting, which will not disappoint you for years to come.

You’re tired of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, so why not upgrade to a memory foam one? With the SleepX Ortho 8-inch Firm King Size Memory Foam Mattress, you’ll get a comfortable night’s sleep every time.

No products found.

Made with high-density foam that contours your body, this mattress is designed to support your whole body while you’re sleeping. Plus, its removable cover makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Give your body the rest it deserves and purchase the SleepX Ortho 8-inch Firm King Size Memory Foam Mattress from The Bed for Less Store today!

  • High Density Foam
  • PU foam layer
  • Neither too hard nor too soft

    9. Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress in a Box:

    MATTRESS TYPE- memory foam mattress

    SIZE- 72 X 48 X 6inches- double sized

    TEMPERATURE NEUTRALITY- maintains normal temperature

    CONSTRUCTION- foam construction


    The mattress is made with NASA-approved advanced memory foam technology covered with high GSM knitted fabric. This technology and fabric help you remain cool and more comfortable while you sleep deeply.

    It is designed for Posh comfort. The mattress gives responsive support of open cell memory foam and 100% highly resilient support foam. This foam is similar to the unbeatable hybrid design which serves you with soft comfort and ample support.

    No products found.

    The mattress is best known for its ability to help reduce back and joint pain relief with its comfortable and supportive surface. Moreover, it does not let the second person’s sleep disturbed because of any movement of the person in the first place.

    • Pure high resilient bacteria free foam base
    • Adjustable bed base friendly
    • Motion isolation
    • Available in variable sizes
    • Helps reduce back and joint pain
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Not for the ones looking for a coconut coir mattress
    • Not for the ones who find hard bed/ mattress comfortable

    10. Sleepyhead Original:

    MATTRESS TYPE- Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress-3 layered

    SIZE- 75 X 60 X 6 inches- Queen sized


    CONSTRUCTION- memory foam

    SOFTNESS ON FIRMNESS SCALE- quite uncomfortable

    The mattress is triply layered to make you feel as comfortable as possible, in a way that you get relieved in the most extreme ways possible. It has memory foam for even weight distribution and a high-density HR foam for Orthopedic support.

    No products found.

    Sleepyhead mattress has high GSM breathable fabric which prevents you from getting suffocated due to the heat released. The product assures the right amounts of firmness, bounce, and density with the washable outer covering.

    • Comes with removable and washable outer fabric
    • Good quality mattress
    • Comes in the standard size of 6” only
    • Larger amounts of liquid spillage can’t be retained
    • Available in white color only
    • One may experience too much heat while laying
    • Smells chemicals
    • Can be soften

    Conclusion; Best mattress in India:

    Well, guys, we hope you like our top 10 reviews. The mattresses that made it to the list have been proven time and again as the best ones for your health. Your sleep is the only thing that will eventually determine how well you are going to perform the next day; so make a choice wisely, for what will suit you the best and not disturb your day-long-awaited- sleep.

    These mattresses also provide a lot of support, ensuring that you get plenty of good sleep all throughout the night. In addition to this, these products are also designed in such a way that they don’t emit any harmful chemicals when being used and are very easy to clean after use. So there is no need for second thoughts regarding what mattress you should buy!

    While purchasing the one, if you come across any queries, feel free to contact us


    1. Which mattress is best in India?

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as individual preferences will vary from person to person.

    The right mattress you can check is

    1. The sleep company smartGRID Luxe 8” mattress king-size bed: The smart grid that is used in mattresses is made from food-grade materials, which makes it a better choice for you and your family.

    2. Wakefit dual comfort mattress- hard & soft: The mattress features a breathable fabric to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep without any disturbances.

    2. Which brand mattress is best in India?

    When it comes to choosing a mattress, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal. That’s why it’s important to do your research and compare top mattress brands in India to find the perfect one for you. Here are some of the best mattress brands in India:

    -Sleep company








    So, whichever brand you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product at an affordable price. Thanks for asking!

    3. Which types of mattress in India is best?

    There are many types of mattresses available in India, but the best type may vary depending on your individual needs. Foam mattresses are generally a good choice for people who want more support and don’t mind spending a little bit more money. Memory foam mattresses offer superior comfort and can be custom-made to fit your exact specifications. In terms of the price range, natural latex mattress is usually affordable while cotton bed sheets tend to be less expensive.

    When it comes to material, there’s no one definitive answer as each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

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